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Chevy LUV Front Bumper Online Service.

Front bumpers are fitments used as bumpers in the front and back of a Chevrolet car designed with the purpose of absorbing shock during a collision thereby reducing the impact and mitigating the damage caused to the car. These Chevrolet LUVs were first sold in North America in 1972. These LUV bumpers use all sorts of foam cushioning material or energy absorbers brackets ranging from fiber, plastic, aluminum, or steel.

Major Role Of a Chevy LUV Front Bumper:

  • To prevent collision and lessen physical damage to the car
  • They are also designed to protect other related equipment on the front of the car like the hood, exhaust, and cooling system

Is Your LUV Front Bumper Damaged?

The front bumper of a Chevy LUV looks like a one-piece chrome but has several components

  • Bumper Cover – The outside consist of plastic or other material
  • Absorber
  • Mounting Bar

Re-bar/ Reinforcer – The inside of a LUV cover is made of metal

How Do I Know If My LUV Front Bumper Needs To Be Replaced?

There are a number 1800-890-5764 of ways a bumper can get damaged. Collision is one of the major causes. Although slight dents can be pulled out and repaired but if the damage is intense that leaves the impact to the reinforce or the mounting bar, or a huge crack or rift, then it may need to be replaced completely.

Chevy LUV Front Bumper

These Are The Tell Tale Signs That Your LUV Front Bumper Needs A Replacement:

A bumper cracked beyond repair – Although the epoxy can repair minor damages however, at times, major damage can’t be repaired as the bumper may lose the structural integrity.

Mounting bars or hooks are broken – Hooks help bumper to hold on to the valance panel. In case the hooks are broken, repairing them may not do the job, Only a new one can stay in place.

Most of the times the bumper is 101autoarts sold as a complete assembly but there are several options in the market that sells different components like just the cover, foam, re-bar or the reinforcement separately.


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